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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 700 – It Just Happened drum lucky
“They put into practice you all the way up out of the Holy Key Region? Why?” Liu Lanzhi failed to immediately imagine them as Su Yang’s lovers, as the chance of Su Yang getting small children was near zero in their own thoughts.
“Misunderstanding? What am I false impression?” Liu Lanzhi tilted her go in the puzzled process.
“Have you been okay…?” They looked over her with dumbfounded appearance.
“Uhh… I do believe you are uncertainty something…” Wu Jingjing suddenly thought to Liu Lanzhi.
“At once.” Xie w.a.n.g nodded prior to leaving the world.
“Make it for your maximum temp, I’ll do the rest,” Su Yang believed to her since he brought out his personal normal alchemy flames that did not shed to her Azure Flames’ fierceness from the tiniest.
“Have you any reasonable tablet cauldrons within this household? My regular cauldron might struggle to take care of the strength of the supplement.”
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Someday in the future, as soon as they sent back into the Xie Family’s family, Su Yang thought to Xie w.a.n.g, “Enhance most of the substances vital for the poison dietary supplement.”
Perhaps the disciples ended up staring at Su Yang with puzzled appearance on his or her encounters, simply because it had also been quite alarming for these people.
“Me too!” Zhu Mengyi said.
“WHAT?!” Liu Lanzhi immediately tripped on her own personal ft soon after seeing and hearing Wu Jingjing’s thoughts, facepalming the floor together with her attractive deal with.
“This is usually used by my Xie Family’s Alchemists,” Lord Xie said. “Utilize it as you may be sure to.”
“Of course,” Su Yang nodded.
Su Yang and most people there implemented Lord Xie to your supplement home a few minutes down the road.
“Hm? Oh, ideal. I neglected introducing them on account of what actually transpired,” Su Yang reported just before he directed directly to them and continued, “Starting from the left behind facet, now we have Wu Jingjing, Zhu Mengyi, and Lian Li, and they are generally out of the Holy Core Country. Despite the fact that, they’ll be right after me starting off today.”
“Prepared when you find yourself,” she explained.
“Indeed, I’ll use my very own alchemy flames to control and adapt your Azure Flames whilst increasing the climate myself until it actually reaches a wonderful temp. You simply need to keep own personal temp consistent thus i don’t must modify too much.”
“Why, you ask? Why else would I have got beauties pursuing me?” Su Yang laughed inside of a reduced voice.
“Of course, I’ll utilize my alchemy fire to regulate and change your Azure Fire whilst increasing the climate myself until it actually gets to the best heat. You only need to maintain the own climate steady and so i don’t ought to change excessive.”
“Fine.” Each of them nodded.
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Sometime later, as soon as they returned on the Xie Family’s home, Su Yang believed to Xie w.a.n.g, “Enhance every one of the compounds necessary for the poison dietary supplement.”
“Mengyi, I will want your a.s.sistance with this just one,” Su Yang suddenly said.
“Uhh… I think you might be false impression something…” Wu Jingjing suddenly believed to Liu Lanzhi.
“They implemented you entirely in the Sacred Middle Country? Why?” Liu Lanzhi did not immediately visualize them as Su Yang’s fanatics, as the potential of Su Yang getting small children was near zero in the brain.
“Seriously? A little something as effective being the Celestial Pond?” Liu Lanzhi’s hopes immediately turned out to be lively again.
“You’ll command my Azure Fire? Is the fact even possible?” Zhu Mengyi’s eyeballs widened at his thoughts, as this is her first time listening to of such a thing.
“Uhh… I do believe that you are uncertainty something…” Wu Jingjing suddenly said to Liu Lanzhi.
“Hm? Oh, perfect. I did not remember to introduce them on account of what went down,” Su Yang claimed just before he aimed in their eyes and carried on, “Ranging from the eventually left aspect, now we have Wu Jingjing, Zhu Mengyi, and Lian Li, and are generally from your Sacred Middle Country. However, they’ll be using me starting off these days.”
A few moments in the future, exactly the Four Things Cause stayed untouched. Soon after choosing a heavy breath, Su Yang also thrown the Four Features Cause within the cauldron.
“We do take a pill home,” Lord Xie nodded.