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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2378 whirl colorful
Qin Xiyuan piped in, “That’s ideal, Leader. This women admitted it herself just now! I feel it’s not simply her! Her overall Nie loved ones ought to be interrogated! It’s very achievable her full family members is related to an satanic cult!”
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A commotion swept through the room adhering to Yi Lingjun’s phrases, and everyone’s eyes chance open in impact. Qin Xiyuan’s students contracted suddenly, and she stared incredulously at Yi Lingjun. Yin Heng’s manifestation also improved.
Ye Wanwan neglected Qin Zong and began checking. “Three!”
Ye Wanwan overlooked Qin Zong and begun checking. “Three!”
“AHHH!” A wretched scream escaped from Yin Heng in the strong pain.
Has the Leader ended up muddle-headed?
What have Yi Lingjun just… say?
At this moment, a mad roar abruptly erupted through the entry ways.
“You… you’re her daddy?” Qin Xiyuan idea Yi Lingjun however didn’t comprehend the condition, so she quickly discussed, “President, are you even now overwhelmed? This woman isn’t your dearest little princess, Yi Yunmo—she’s Worriless Nie!”
Yi Lingjun’s facial area converted icy. “That’s appropriate. Worriless Nie is my little princess!”
This small sound directed the complete bedroom into a harsh silence every set of eyeballs simultaneously chance toward the entrance.
This small sound mailed the whole of the room in a grim silence and every pair of eyeballs simultaneously picture toward the entry.
Qin Xiyuan piped in, “That’s appropriate, Chief executive. This lady accepted it herself just now! I feel it’s not only her! Her overall Nie family must be interrogated! It’s very feasible her whole loved ones is related to an evil cult!”
On the part, V . P . Qin Zong wore a pitying manifestation and well-advised inside of a genuine approach, “Miss Worriless Nie, don’t harm Nephew Yin. I implore someone to surrender peacefully!”
1Yin Heng hastily said, “Worriless Nie, believe thoroughly! If I perish, your son also won’t make it!”
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Yi Lingjun expressionlessly claimed, “I’m her daddy, and whenever you say her complete family members, it naturally involves me.”
When seeing this lady completely neglect him, the Vice President, Qin Zong’s concept checked dreadful. “You absolutely can’t avoid from your criminal acts now, however, when you relent, maybe you can focus on your family’s tactical however!”
Yi Lingjun coldly glanced at Qin Xiyuan, pressure of any remarkable instantly flooding out. “Her entire loved ones relates to an satanic cult… Skip Qin, will you be implying i always, the Chief executive, am also associated with an bad cult?”
Yi Lingjun’s experience turned icy. “That’s right. Worriless Nie is my little princess!”
The second Yin Heng claimed that, Ye Wanwan didn’t shout “One” and straight stomped on him yet again.
Yin Heng sensed the frightening murderous atmosphere through the female before him and sweat drenched his brow. This female got ended up mad! She really dared to eliminate him!
Worriless Nie will be the President’s girl?
At this moment, a furious roar abruptly erupted in the front door.
Yi Lingjun’s face transformed icy. “That’s correct. Worriless Nie is my girl!”
Another Yin Heng asserted that, Ye Wanwan didn’t shout “One” and specifically stomped on him just as before.
“Yunmo! Prevent!”
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What performed Yi Lingjun just… say?